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Business Plans for Lenders

Our customized business plans meet and exceed the rigorous requirements of lending institutions.

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Business Plans for Investors

Whether for venture capital, angel or private investors, we build a strong case for you that is sure to get their attention.

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Services for your Business

From Market Research analysis to website development, and everything else in between, we have them all ready.

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SetPlans is a global leader in interactive business consulting for small businesses.


We help small businesses save time, money and resources.
So you can focus on what you do best.

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What our clients say

Emily, Boston

Just got 100,000 loan application approved. Opening doors next month. I am happy with the collaboration, high energy and quick, quality work.

Robert & Anna, Belgium

We could not have done it without the team from Setplans. We are very grateful. Many thanks!

Karl Friedrich, Berlin

I presented my idea to a panel of investors. They said my financials don’t make sense, so nobody invested. I felt horrible, because I had put so much time into. I then found this website and liked the concept, so I paid for it and got it done. I am presenting next week. I feel much more confident this time, knowing I have a solid plan. 

Jim Harper, Charlotte, NC

I have a construction business and don’t have time for paperwork - I actually dread dealing with that stuff. I wanted to leave a review here, to thank these guys for the timeliness. I needed to buy heavy equipment and needed a business loan to get the capital. They gave me the plan in 2 weeks and I got approved for 250k!! Thanks again - you will hear from me again soon!

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